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vendredi 4 novembre 2011

Watch Hajj, wukuf, ied adha, jamarot live streaming via Youtube

Watch Hajj, eid adha live streaming via Youtube, Video networking sites, Youtube, for the first time be broadcast live hajj rituals, Saturday (5 / 11). The assurance was obtained after the Hajj ministry allow Youtube to broadcast widely the ritual pilgrimage to the world community.

As quoted, Friday (4 / 11), the Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia is important to assess the use of communication technologies to disseminate information about the pilgrimage to a global audience.

This collaboration is also a continuation of the previous agreement, after Google had the opportunity to broadcast live from the Grand Mosque tarawih prayers during the holy month ago. Besides working premises Youtube, the Ministry of Hajj also partnered with Saudi Telecom Company (STC) directly from Youtube broadcast via IPTV.

A total of 1:14 million Muslim haj pilgrimage activities scheduled to begin on Friday (4 / 11), the world's largest annual worship, so that the government of Saudi Arabia faces a tough task, in the form of security and safety challenges.

This data is according to the Saudi Passport Department on Tuesday (25/10/2011). Plus coming Wednesday and Thursday, of course, the number was even greater. Of the 1.14 million pilgrims, as many as 1.08 million pilgrims arrived by air, 46,192 people by land and 10,871 by sea. So reported Arab News.
The government of Saudi Arabia has deployed some 100,000 security personnel and civil defense in order to ensure the implementation of worship and avoid events that claimed the lives that have marred the activities of worship in the past.

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